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With any insurance, the purpose is to protect yourself against loss. Your agency assesses your risks and places a dollar amount on your “worst case scenario” (value of your home in case of fire or the cost of a major illness). BUT you place yourself at further risk when you only have Medicare.

Risks involved in having ONLY Medicare:

  • A high Part A deductible
  • Large co-pays after 30 days in the hospital
  • An additional Part B deductible (annual fee)
  • 20% of everything after deductible – without a cap on this
  • No prescription coverage

So what choices do you have to make sure your risks are 100% covered?

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You can go 3 different ways when choosing a Medicare Plan to fit your lifestyle. It’s up to you to choose the right one for your needs and budget, but we believe there’s a clear winner between the 3 options!

1. Medicare Supplement Plans

With a Medicare Supplement Plan, you will:

  • Pay an average cost of $158/month.
  • Add a stand-alone prescription plan for an additional $50/month.
  • Use any provider—physician or hospital—without any network requirements.
Conclusion: Get good coverage that will cost you more due to prescription restrictions.

2. Medicare Advantage

With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will:

  • Pay little to no monthly premium
  • Pay out-of-pocket fees due to MAPD restrictions
  • Get emergency care—even out of your network
  • Only be covered if you reside within a specific service area
  • Receive all benefits available under Medicare, except prescription coverage
Conclusion: Get good coverage without little out-of-pocket expenses, but still make payments for prescriptions or cancer treatment.

3. Union or Employee-Sponsored Medicare Advantage Plans

With a Union or Employee-sponsored MAPD, you can:

  • Leave at any time
  • Pay no enrollment fees
  • Use your benefits in or out of network
  • Not be subject to the same rules as individuals on MAPD
  • Lower your annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses
Conclusion: If you join a teamster or union-sponsored Medicare Advantage Plan, you’ll receive excellent coverage for you and your spouse (or widow) with very little fees.

Obviously, we prefer Option #3!

Employers and unions can sponsor Group Medicare Advantage Plans that are far different than general plans. Your group plan will allow you to live comfortably with a reasonable monthly premium rather than face a huge outlay for your medical care. We’re here to discuss your options with you through a FREE consultation where you’ll get a FREE quote that prove how we will provide better coverage at a lower cost to you.

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